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The 2011 Session of the General Assembly directed “The State Board of Community Colleges to report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee by March 1, 2012, on a revised set of accountability measures and performance standards by which to evaluate and measure student progress and student success, including measures of graduation rates and course completions. The report shall include a plan to incorporate these revised accountability measures and performance standards into regular formula funding. These revised accountability measures and performance standards shall also be the basis for the allocation of performance funding, in accordance with G.S. 115D-31.3(g) and (h).”


Performance Measures

In Spring 2011, a Performance Measures Committee chaired by Dr. Dennis Massey, President of Pitt Community College, and Dr. Molly Parkhill, President of Blue Ridge Community College, began meeting to develop a revised set of performance measures. With guidance and input from Dr. Ralls and stakeholders across the state, the committee approved eight performance measures in July 2011. From August through October 2011, the proposed measures were presented to various stakeholder associations across the state.  In October 2011, the State Board formally approved the eight performance measures and the North Carolina General Assembly adopted them in 2012.

These performance measures were reported on for the first time in the July 2013 release of the Performance Measures for Student Success Report. There are no plans for the measures to be static; rather, the measures and methods of evaluating colleges will be continually reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure that the focus is always on improving student success. Any changes to the descriptions of the measures will require approval from the State Board and the General Assembly.


Performance Funding

The State Board appointed a Performance Measures Committee in the spring of 2012. The Committee was Co-Chaired by State Board of Community Colleges member, K. Ray Bailey, and Catawba Valley Community College President, Dr. Garrett Hinshaw. The Performance Funding Committee recommended a performance-based funding model that allocates funds to colleges based on program quality and program impact. Program quality is evaluated by determining a college's rate of student success on each measure as compared to a systemwide performance baseline and goal. Program impact is evaluated based the number of students succeeding on each measure.

This two-pronged approach was endorsed by the NC Association of Community College Presidents and ultimately recommended to the General Assembly by the State Board. During the 2013 session, the General Assembly amended G.S. 115D-31.3 to enable implementation of the performance-based funding model. For FY 2013-14, a total of $9 million will be allocated to colleges based on their performance on six of the eight measures. (Basic Skills student progress and GED attainment will not be used in FY 2013-14 allocations.) In FY 2014-15, a total of $24 million will be allocated to colleges based on their performance on the eight measures.


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Most Recent Activity Report

December 2014 Update

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 - 17:09
Decisions: Key Values:

When the State Board adopted the current performance-based funding model, it committed to reviewing the model every three years. A committee led by Brenda Kays, President of Stanly Community College, was tasked with reviewing and recommending revisions to the current eight measures and potentially add an "employment" measure. Any modifications to the current measures will be implemented in the 2016 Performance Measures for Student Success Report. The committee also included:

• Michael Elam, President, Roanoke-Chowan

• Bobbie Frye, Director for Institutional Research, Central Piedmont

• Michael Helmick, President, Western Piedmont

• Sharon McGinnis, VP for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Innovation, Coastal Carolina

• Dale McInnis, President, Richmond • Kevin Osborne, Associate VP of Institutional Effectiveness, Rockingham

• Bill Schneider, Associate VP for Research and Performance Management, NCCCS

• Jay Sullivan, VP of Research and Institutional Effectiveness, Beaufort

The committee started its work in October and divided into three teams focusing on different areas: Basic Skills, Employment, and “Other Measures”. The teams reached out to various subject matter experts within and outside the state for insight and perspectives. This work has resulted in a draft that includes recommended revisions to some of the current performance measures and the establishment of an employment measure.

Next Steps:

The draft of the measures will be presented at the January 2015 President’s Association Meeting for feedback.

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